Head on over to the newly added Perfect Grade tab at the top of this page and click the Perfect Grade 00 to check out the review.

Guide update.


Been working on a guide for new comers to gunpla, you can find it in the starting guide tab at the top of the page.

Be sure to check it out and leave comments if you want, any suggestions on what else to include are welcome 🙂


Whole bunch of kits updated to both the HG and MG section so be sure to check them out.hinu17


Not been able to access my wordpress for a while..

Now its working again i shall be uploading all the builds that have been building up.

The-O has been uploaded to the HG section at the top of the site, just hit the link to check it out.

MG Shin Musha


Finished assembling this great MG kit.

Hit the MG link up top to view the build from start to finish 🙂

MG Shin Musha


Look who finally got here after a ton of shipping issues..

Will start the build later tonight after work.

MG Z’gok

paint test

Testing out some metallic blues for this kit, think i have a fair idea what i want.

Lets just hope i don’t ruin it.


Aside from a few bits i will need to clean up i think it turned out quite good.


Couple of paint build ups aside that turned out decent too, got to clean them up a bit more though.


Finished the arms, its actually painted dark blue but the camera picks it up as black..

Paint on the fingers is already chipping off too since its such a tight fit…


Just powered through the rest of it, shoulder joints are already starting to chip away the paint ;_;.

Decals / weathering / panel lining to do in the next few days ( if shin musha doesn’t arrive and steal my time )

The articulation is HG quality and the upper arm joints are quite loose, still its a cheap kit and has a great design ( Seafood MS )